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b33otch replied to your post:
1 th1nk 1tz on th3 n3wgroundz s1t3 1f you w4nt


one a my old allies used to stream playin it an howw fuckin silly it wwas

noww id think itd merely be awwkwward for another bein to do the same

==> Go on a Date With the Devil (Except Not Really)


> The smoking tip is vaguely concerning to you, but he doesn’t seem all too worried. Then again, he had said he didn’t really have much experience with it yet. It may be concerning still. You don’t really care.

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==> Go on a Date With the Devil (Except Not Really)


> God, he can be fucking annoying with how many questions he has. At least these are ones you can answer. While questions in themselves are incredibly irritating when piled on top of each other and shoved at you all at once, they’re better than questions on a subject you have no interest in, don’t know about, or those few subjects you try to avoid like the devil, if you avoided him.

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> You’re focusing hard enough on heating up but not firing off your wand that a small trail of smoke starts coming from the top of it. Not an ordinary sight, but it’s not commonplace that you don’t just give a single shot or two before moving on with your life.

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sex really dont make a relationship vwalid and if you think it do youre a massiwve fuckin idiot and a fuckin sex demon has more moral opinions that you do

absylphe replied to your post:i
This Is Literally The Most Bullshit Ask I’ve Ever Read


physical intimacy to any degree in any sort of relationship is the choice of wwhoevver is directly invvolvved in the act and theirs alone

destroy all wwho feel the need to dictate that


Reel mad at people w)(o finsist it’s important t)(at morayeels )(ave sex!~

Reel mad at people w)( finsist ANYFIN like t)(at aboat someone else’s reeloceans)(ip!~

Fuck off and don’t ebber talk to anyone ebber again, tanks~

sugary-empress replied to your post:
T)(is w)(ole ask is gross, wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~

yeah really

i aint one to go shittin on others cultures if thats wwhat wworks best for the lot a them

but dont go shovvin that nonsense on me

i aint havvin any a it