hope floats like a bloated corpse
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Trade seacret~

wwait havve you done it before

an yeah ok you wwin that second bit


My Fis)(y cod be transformed finto any ON-E of t)(ose )(ot candy babes!~


howwre you goin to manage it

i mean maybe i DID date someone i shouldnt havve

but that aint noww

an unless somethin goes drastically changin that aint a thing to happen again

i turned trickster a long fuckin time ago

that wwas one a the only times i wwillinly used smileys

trickster amporas are frightenin

im vvotin for sugary-empress an id recommend the lot a you do the same


i aint ebber OFFIS)(ALLY dated one tho so neither do i motha fucka stay in yo lane

you still fucked one an thats decently loww

an wwhat am i goin to vvote for

is it one a those popularity things for the empress wwhere if you dont vvote youre suspected a bein extremely poor extremely stupid or an extremist wwaitin to rebel

beefy meat logs