back wwhen i wwas properly alivve instead a livvin off a borrowwed time
i wwas the prince a hope
the prince a somethin that meant basically fuckin nothin

but that wwas a long wwhile ago
an ivve gone through more shit than im wwillin to recall

ivve got demons in my pan an angels that followw right along behind
ivve got such copious amounts a disbelief an pessimism that i might as wwell be bathin in it wwith plenty to spare

i used to be eridan ampora
highclass vvioletblooded seadwweller
grace an eloquency used to be somethin amongst my metaphorical 'middle names'

im not entirely highclass anymore
i dont fuckin bother wwhen it doesnt mean anythin for me in the end
all havvin sophistication an any sort a ego does is givve your enemies somethin to rip you dowwn by

i go by just 'eridan' or 'mora' noww
'ampora' on certain occasions but im lookin to get rid a that somehoww
im not appreciativve towward the past followwin me evverywwhere i go

ivve got an interest in science history an religion
i dont care much for my alts or ancestors

im not good at keepin my feelins wwhere they ought to be

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my fetuch modus used to be spell related
it wwas somethin released as part a the harry potter merchandise wwhen i wwas younger

its broken through a series a shenanigans invvolvvin my timelines vvri
but wwhatevver

♠ My Invventory

  • books invvolvvin some a the latest laphams quarterly series as wwell as vvarious religious books an the book a shadowws i got for 12th perigees evve
  • sopor crusted books includin nicollo machiavvellis 'the prince' an stephenie meyers 'neww moon'
  • lavvender scented body lotion
  • hair stylin spray
  • scarvves a vvarious styles
  • capes a different materials for evvery occasion
  • harry potter an the shut the fuck up stone
  • my mobile devvice
  • twwo troll skulls
  • matchin moon phase keychain wwith my moirail

yeah i knoww it got a little personal at the end but wwhatevver

♠ My WWeapons

  • ahabs crosshairs

    • the legendary wweapon passed dowwn from my once ancestor
    • its currently broken
    • dont evver attempt shootin this thing at point blank im fuckin serious
  • empiricists wwand

    • the infamous wweapon i created an used upon the meteor along wwith apparently evvery single one a my goddamn alts

    • its got a thinner range than my rifle does but its easier to maneuvver

  • percivvals dowwnfall

    • its a cross betwween a rapier an my wwand meanin its shorter than a rapier but longer than the wwand

    • it shoots wwhite science as wwell but i doubt its got far range or good maneuvverin

    • im still practicin wwith this so i dont got much information on it

  • fuck wwith me i dare you wwand

    • its a science bulge

    • i wwas just combinin shit an i dont knoww howw i got this

    • im nevver goin to use this wweapon

    • wwhy do i havve it

    • oh god

♠ Physical State

i accept science anons but if youre go too far out there ivve got nothin to say but cynical snark an sarcasm

or if you go too specific that im not sure exactly wwhat youre expectin out a me then yeah dont expect anythin to come out a it

i dont take observvations ovver howw wwell i sleep or howw much food i eat
i see no reason to tend to such matters wwhen there are greater things alwways lurkin

as a result im a bit on the scrawwny side at any givven point as much as id loathe to admit
though it dont mean im fuckin wweak just im a tad malnourished

regardin sleep i havve things hauntin me
its not wworth the risk to go lettin my guard dowwn

wwere better off the more time i spend conscious

i suppose on a related note
ivve got permanent scars on both sides a my mouth
think a the goddamn joker if youvve got to

it wwas an unfortunate accident an i paid the price an noww ivve got scars that make it feel like im constantly smilin in the face a evverythin grim

tad fittin really

a course ivve gained another scar recently from a sorta ex kismesis a mine

nothin big but a 'V' across a bit a my torso
he wwanted to go markin me as his quadmate an at the time i permitted such a thing

an then things wwent dowwnhill as they tend oft to do

♠ Pan State

at times i start believvin im becomin better wwith my owwn thoughts an wwhims

that im more frequently coherent an im finally startin to ease into some sort a set life i wwas meant to havve

but it nevver lasts before i go believvin elsewwise again

ivve got a horrible temper an delusions that wwont stop buggin me

i try not bein prone to mood swwings
yet tryin doesnt do much in the face a mental cracks so wwhatevver

im not plannin on killin anyone
regardless a my wwhims an wwants

an im attemptin not to go ruinin anythin wwhile ivve still got enough competence to accomplish such feats

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