hope floats like a bloated corpse
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evvery time i spot a fuckin forest pic i got to stop an stare an make sure slender aint a thing in it or there aint some creepy awwful thing in it

==> (You Know Her?)

> It’s hitting morning, and you’re starting to be in a spiteful mood. Not at your moirail, mind you, who has been doing his job well and has started helping you root yourself into the ground.

> But, rather, at some of the others, who have tried stopping you from doing what you want. Since when was ‘healthy’ a concern of yours? If healthy doesn’t make you happy, what’s the point of doing it?

> So you rummage through your sylladex, uncaptchaloguing the box you got a little bit ago. It’s still wrapped, and in a sense of self destruction, you undo it carefully and open it.

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+ Watching Contracted In About 20 Minutes !!

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1hr 24m

After a one-night-stand, a young woman becomes alarmingly ill — but what she thinks is a sexually transmitted disease turns out to be far worse.




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