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wwiznerd asked: spit it out



i knoww you an i aint vvery close

but trust me

you keep on the route youre goin an im goin to find you

an im goin to toss you out on your ass

i wwont be kind about it

do yourself a favvor an isolate yourself before i do it for you

#hypothetical situation
#i dont particularly care wwhat you do

callithump asked: spit it out (for apple :o )


kar kar kar god fuckin

howw do you stop the smoke howw do you breathe through this wwhy do you people put these fuckin toxic sticks in your fuckin mouth

it hurts to breathe

im goin to claww out my gills theyre so dry wwhat do i do howw do i stop it

make it stop

#hypothetical situation
#self harm wwarnin
#im not actually dyin

casuistry asked: Spit it out, nerd. >:U


ok after that last issue concernin vvik

id havve to say im not really comfortable bein your friend much longer

perhaps wwe could stay just acquaintances a some sort

youre fine an i aint angry or anythin but id prefer not startin up more a ruckus than i already havve

i just dont like bein your friend i guess

#hypothetical situation
#this aint real
#youre fine
#i still caused so much fuckin shit but that doesnt mean i dont wwant any ceasin a communication

vvaticide asked: spit it out


you should be careful wwith wwhat you do

after all its not wwise to run wwith scissors

youll end up gettin hurt an wwe dont really wwant that noww do wwe

#hypothetical situation
#youd run wwith scissors regardless
#metaphorical or not

karsprite asked: SPIT IT OUT.


you knoww wwhat

youre right about one thing

bacon is fuckin magic

wworse off than friendship or science

an the wworst bit is that the magic is howw it all goes straight to your fuckin hips

#hypothetical situation
#food mention //
#bacon aint magic

c0rr0s1ve asked: spit it out!


ok so ivve been thinkin that maybe wwevve been seein each other from too different a point a vvieww

but from wwhat ivve experienced wwith you it wwouldnt be too bad for us to go try somethin maybe to see wwhat the end results could be

so uh

wwould you like to go on a date

#hypothetical situation
#dont actually go on a date wwith me
#get the fuck awway from me

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i dont knoww howw to feel about that

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